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Corinn Altomare

With investment and rental property management running in the family, Corinn has been involved in real estate and law since childhood. Corinn's experience also spans technology project management, including multi-million dollar projects for the financial system. Her expertise in being able to target a property with potential and turn this vision into a great place to live is a major part of what separates Hearthfire Holdings from other firms.   

Jeffrey A. Kopczynski

Jeffrey A. Kopczynski, Attorney at Law for 32 years and of Counsel, has represented clients in AZ, CA, FL, IL, MO, NV, PA, WA and WI.  Employing a variety of techniques - syndications, 1031 Exchanges, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and LLCs, he is able to optimally advance investor positions in real estate.  Having litigated real estate cases, he is aware of what happens - regardless of good intentions - thus bringing real world, real time analysis skills to this Team.

Sergio Altomare

A Technologist and Architect in the financial industry for 20 years, Sergio's expertise spans business and technology architecture, financial management, and general contracting. Sergio first forayed into real estate in 2004, when he learned some valuable lessons in the purchase of a duplex in Philadelphia. Sergio's attention to detail brings a rare level of meticulousness to every aspect of customer support, property management and investment analysis.  

Executive Team

​The Hearthfire differenCE

Have you ever been promised great expectations from a landlord or property manager, just to move into an apartment and find they only care about collecting rent? Contact us to find out just how attentive to your needs we are. From online payments and work requests, to being able to contact us via text messaging, we are the most available property managers you will ever come across. We'll even make upgrades and changes to your unit to make sure your home with us is perfect!

The New project process

Contact us to hear more about our process of identifying and valuating investment opportunities. We'll gladly share our highly detailed analysis and due diligence methodology that show how we minimize risk while maximizing ROI potential.

Job Opportunities

We're always looking to expand our talent pool. Whether you are a realtor, contractor or handyman, we'd love to add you to our team. 

We want passionate, dedicated, affable people who work to exceed client expectations.

For your expertise, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation and incentives.
  • Rare opportunity to join a team that seeks to reinvent an industry.
  • The prestige of working at one of the metro and suburban areas highest standards agencies.
  • Training from our talented team.

Company Profile

We have an in-depth understanding of the rental housing market and what today's tenants are looking for. Our team leverages bleeding edge technology in every aspect of our business. From advanced formulas and analysis of investment opportunities to being the most connected property management firm out there, we provide the superior performance and efficiencies that are rare in the industry.